Designing the correct entry strategy
Doing business in any selected country starts with getting the facts.


Regulatory advice

What classification would the product get?  What steps need to be taken to obtain registration, what will it cost and how long will it take?  Solid regulatory guidance is important to obtain the correct classification, which will determine the time to market, the way the product may be commercialised and its potential.


Market research

What are the current products available in the selected country? Are they from local or international companies? What are the market shares and what is driving their revenues?  What can we tell about pricing?  Where would your product fit in this picture and what would be the strengths and weaknesses.


Salvegen Healthcare believes this preliminary work is essential in order to get expectations right and  in order to determine the best entry strategy.  However, we are NOT a consultancy company.  Our business model lies in finding the right commercialisation partners and managing them to optimize the revenues.


Partner and negotiation

With our strong network we find the most suitable partner for your products.  In our network we have both local companies as well as regional players and MNCs.  We are proud to have good relationships with many companies in different medical fields, with different portfolios, and different stages of development.  Key in this process is to find a company that is not only able but also eager to become your partner.


Partner management

After a contract has been signed with a commercialisation partner it is important to ensure the optimal results are being obtained.  At the end of the day, it's not the deal that counts, but the actual revenues and bottom-line.  We make sure that your products get the energy, focus, effort and investment to reach their full potential.